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Privezi Cookie & Consent Management Solution

Stay compliant with global cookie & consent regulations, including the Draft DPDPD’22, GDPR, and CCPA, while providing a seamless consent experience to your users.

Many websites rely on third-party scripts, such as pixels or social media, but in some regions, loading these scripts without user consent is illegal. Privezi’s technology automatically blocks and unblocks third-party scripts to ensure you are protected from unauthorized tracking.

Each country has its own unique regulations regarding visitor consent, and Privezi ensures that the correct consent requirements are displayed and enforced based on the user’s location.

Laws require that consent be provided in a clear and understandable manner, and Privezi supports multiple languages to ensure that the consent dialog is displayed in the user’s preferred language for valid consent.

Configure the consent experience to display the appropriate consent banner based on the user’s location, meeting global compliance requirements.

Customize the entire consent experience, from design to delivery, to align with your brand and provide a consistent user experience.

Receive detailed reports to provide an audit trail of user consent behavior and demonstrate compliance with privacy regulations.


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