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Comply with Global Privacy Laws

Stay compliant with global privacy laws, by setting up a process for efficiently responding to data subject requests. Define data sources, assign roles, and embed a data-subject request form on your site to streamline the request fulfillment process.

Efficiently manage and prioritize data requests through the use of purpose-built data inventory and visualization features. Stay organized and easily track requests, deadlines, and internal data control with privEzi’s software.

Customize the privacy experience for your customers by creating an on-brand privacy experience through customizable intake forms, landing pages, and email templates.

Tailor the data subject request process to meet your unique business and regulatory requirements by customizing automated workflows.

Build a Data Subject Request (DSR) form and embed it on your site using privEzi’s Portal feature. Requests will automatically be added to the DSR manager, and you can set up notifications and automated to-dos to ensure prompt and efficient request fulfillment.