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Cookie Compliance Management

Prioritize transparency and user control when it comes to cookie compliance. By providing clear and concise information about the use of cookies and giving visitors the ability to manage their preferences, website owners can ensure a seamless and compliant user experience for their visitors.

Almost every website uses 3rd parties such as pixels or social media, but in many geographies, until the user has consented, you may not load those scripts. privEzi automatically blocks and unblocks 3rd-party scripts to ensure unsanctioned 3rd parties don’t get you in trouble.

Automatically detect and categorize tracker changes through scheduled website scans, reflecting updates in your Cookie Policy.

Customize the full cookie experience from design to delivery, all tailored to your brand. Configure applicable cookie banner based on the user’s location.

A growing number of countries have cookie laws and each of them has its own nuances about what constitutes valid cookie consent. privEzi automatically displays and enforces the correct requirement based on the geolocation of each website visitor.