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Custom Assessments

Gather critical information from people and systems irrespective of regulations.

Optimize the entire evaluation process from beginning to end. Pinpoint deficiencies, document risk, oversee assignments, keep meticulous audit trails, and generate compliance reports that adhere to regulatory guidelines.

Start creating, importing, or modifying your assessment by selecting from a catalog of templates, which include privacy impact assessments (PIA), vendor risk assessments, data protection impact assessments (DPIA) and much more. With privEzi, you can tailor your templates to fit your specific needs, by adding business-friendly language and useful tips. Our intuitive point-and-click interface simplifies the process of building and customizing your templates

Streamline collaboration with external stakeholders by granting them access to privacy projects beyond your organizational boundaries. Simply invite external users, allocate them to a specific project, and stipulate the expiry date for their access to the self-service portal.

Risks are identified and highlighted through a customizable spider chart that factors in the severity and likelihood of the risks. Additionally, you have the ability to manually signal risks and offer supplementary recommendations on a project-specific level.