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Platform Solutions

A highly sophisticated platform for managing data privacy in enterprises, aimed at ensuring compliance and bolstering the efforts of IT and information security teams. It enables users to meticulously identify, document, and evaluate their organization’s data privacy footprint

Data Mapper

Data Mapper is an advanced mapping system designed to assist you in building and managing a comprehensive data inventory

Process Records

Experience instantaneous access and complete remembrance with real-time Record of Processing Activities


Refine an off-the-shelf assessment template to suit your preferences by customizing it to your unique and distinct business needs

Breach/ Incident

Be prepared for any emergency. Our streamlined process guides you in evaluating potential risks and impacts by gathering relevant data

DSR Management

Efficiently manage and prioritize data subject requests through the use of purpose-built data inventory and visualization features

Consent Management

Connect with your customers by obtaining their explicit consent and gaining a deep understanding of their preferences

Cookie Management

Meet global cookie compliance requirements and deliver a seamless experience to your website visitors

Risk Managemnet

Acquire comprehension of the risk universe by identifying data-related activities that pose high risk and learn how to mitigate them