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A QR code that certifies whether a person is a minor or an adult, the virtual Aadhaar ID or combined age verification at the app store level are some of the measures that social media platforms are considering to verify the age of users as mandated by the new Data Act. This system must be implemented well, said executives, since it can otherwise turn into a security nightmare for citizens.

The government is developing a mechanism to verify the identity of parents and their children through the online digital repository, DigiLock-er. Social media platforms such as Meta’s Facebook or Instagram and Google’s YouTube Kids will be able to directly fetch and verify documents of teenagers’ parents from DigiLocker and use it to avail parental consent, people aware of the matter, told ET.

India is the world’s largest data market after China, yet it doesn’t have a privacy law. The latest draft of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, which was tabled in Parliament last week, takes us closer to having a legislation.

The world is witnessing an unparalleled surge in data volumes due to the rapid digitization of economies. Companies are accumulating massive amounts of data related to their customers, suppliers, and operations. Additionally, a wide array of networked endpoints, such as mobile phones, automobiles, and electronic gadgets, are being integrated into the physical world, continuously generating and transmitting data.

It’s been a long spell since Apple had folks this excited about a new piece of tech. From eye-tracking technology to a three-dimensional interface, Vision Pro comes crammed with features. But the wow factor about the Augmented Reality (AR) headset is actually the price: $3,499 USD.

In this era of rapid economic digitisation, businesses around the world are embracing digital transformation to improve profitability, revenue growth, and resilience. This transformation has resulted in a massive accumulation of data and the integration of networked endpoints into the physical world. 

डिजिटल लेनदेन के मामले में भारत लगातार नए रिकॉर्ड बना रहा है। हालांकि साइबर फ्रॉड और हैंकिंग की घटनाएं ऑनलाइन पेमेंट की राह में रोड़ा बनी हुई हैं। ऐसे में किस तरह से सुरक्षित ऑनलाइन लेनदेन किया जाए? वहीं डेटा चोरी और उसके गलत इस्तेमाल को लेकर क्या सावधानियां बरतने की जरूरत है। इस बारे में NBT ने Privezi के फाउंडर एंड सीईओ इब्राहिम खत्री से बातचीत की है।