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In Privacy Management

“Empower privacy leaders to easily create, streamline, and automate their organization’s privacy programs with our innovative and unified platform privEzi

Flexible Deployment

Efficiently manage and scale your data privacy program from a centralized location through quick and easy deployment using configurations

Continuous Monitoring

Proactively track and assess your privacy risks & monitor your privacy program through intuitive reporting and dashboards

360° Degree View

Gain visibility into every facet of privacy program encompassing assets, processes, risks, assessments, user consent, and data subject request all consolidated within a single location

APIs for Third Party

Our API solutions for seamlessly integrating with third-party systems enable us to meet custom customer requirements

Built for Collaboration

Our user-friendly and customizable platform automates solutions for daily privacy challenges, allowing for seamless collaboration among distributed cross-functional teams


Develop proactive privacy programs that are firmly grounded in compliance with multiple global data privacy regulations and industry best practices


Why choose us?

Intuitively and effectively assess, build, manage and scale your data privacy program from one place

Stay on top of constantly evolving privacy laws and regulations across different regions

Minimize the amount of manual labour required, thereby boosting efficiency and productivity

Shorten response times for data subject rights request and build customer trust

Customize your workflow across your entire privacy governance lifecycle


The Privacy Platform for the Modern Company

Create and Oversee Your Privacy Initiative

An expertly-designed platform, created by privacy professionals, enables organizations to ensure that their privacy, security, and compliance programs are thorough, comprehensive, and effective in mitigating relevant risks.

Prove Accountability and Compliance

Establish trust and demonstrate compliance by implementing organizational and technical measures to clearly display responsibility, ownership, and documentation of data processing activities.


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